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Car Parking in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg only has a limited number of parking spaces. All parking areas in Salzburg city centre are short-term parking zones. We recommend parking your car in a P+R car park and then taking public transport to the city centre at a reduced rate. In the city of Salzburg there are four Park & Ride car parks available. You can find all the information here: Folder Park&Ride

Public garages in walking distance of mozart 100 by UTMB® start-/finisher area:
Altstadtgaragen - Mönchsberggaragen
Tiefgarage Barmherzige Brüder

Cashless parking
At the parking ticket terminals, it is possible to pay the parking fee with the Austrian debit card (Maestro-card).

Short-term parking
You can find all the information under Short-Term parking Salzburg.

At various locations in Salzburg's Old Town, automatic and permanently installed bollards provide traffic calming. The street areas secured with the bollards are generally not intended for individual traffic.

Bollard activation 11:00 a.m.
At 11:00 a.m. the bollards go up. If a vehicle owner has "lost his way" before 11:00, he/she cannot leave the city area after 11:00. This vehicle owner must contact the police at the town hall square and will get an exit code there, after paying a fine.

Parking with the camper
The city of Salzburg has several campgrounds close to the city with all the necessary infrastructure.
All further information can be found here >>