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Mandatory Equipment

mozart 100 mozart Ultra mozart Marathon mozart Light mozart Half Marathon
Closed trail running shoes with tread outsole
Running backpack with mandatory equipment
Drinking system or reusable cup (no cups are available)
Water supply of min 0,5 liter
Race number visible for the entire duration of the race
Waterproof jacket with hood, made of waterproof membrane such as Goretext with at least 10,000 mm water column
Cap or bandana
Headlamp with spare batteries or 2 Headlamps with batteries (from 2pm /st.Gilgen)
Switched on cellphone with emenergency number
First aid kit (minimum requirement: 1 elastic gauze bandage, 1 sterile compress 5x5cm, 1 emergency thermal blanket 160x210cm)

Recommended equipment

• Sunglasses
• Sun screen
• Longsleeve shirt
• A third layer (fleece, quilted jacket, etc.) in case it gets particularly cold
• Mineral salts
• Energy bar or solid food

Trekking poles are allowed.

Recommended equipment